Planning & Design

Landscape planning and design is the first and most important part of any successful project large of small. We start with an initial conversation briefly discussing your property, vision and wish list then we request a copy of your property survey as well as an upfront design fee so we can provide your detailed 2D color rendering of your proposed project. This comprehensive drawing is CAD generated to scale and includes existing structures from your home, driveway, walkways, decks and steps to name a few. Detailed grades and elevations, proposed hardscape, size, shape, elevation and location of a proposed pool, plantings, drainage, locations for playsets and sheds are well thought out and placed on the plan.If it’s a pool project we will locate fencing, gates & pool equipment, design the spa, waterfall, swim-up bars and interior portions of the pool such as swim outs, steps, benches, seats and sun shelfs to name a few. These black and white or color renderings are far superior to any other drawings seen in the industry today and include additional items such as cooking stations and fire features in a very clean easy to see reference for all parties involved and working on the project. Black & white copies of 2D drawings are for crews in the field, stamped and sealed and can be used for submission to townships for permit process, they also provide a “roadmap for success” throughout your project.

These renderings provide a well thought out design and plan that can be executed in one or several phases of work as your budget allows, they are not “conceptual only” or plans done by a “designer” lacking grades and elevations as well as a stamp and seal, often times these plans are cheap or even free but provide nothing other than a pretty picture, not a buildable product. Thoughtful placement of hardscapes, stone work, piers, low voltage lighting, cabanas & pergolas, pool houses & structures, proper plant materials to provide shade, color, privacy, deer proof where needed go into these plans. Call us today to start this exciting design process and get your project started for a well planned, headache free and successful completion.

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