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Outdoor Lighting

Bring the night to life

‚ÄčOutdoor lighting sometimes called landscape lighting or low voltage lighting is any type of outdoor lighting system that brings your outdoor living space to life at night. Lighting is an integral part of your overall landscape and illuminates the beauty of your home, landscape and pool settings. Up-lighting your home and focal points such as larger specimen trees, wash lighting against walls, built in wall lights for patio areas, path lights to illuminate walkways and pool decking all tie into a well placed low voltage transformer.

We program a digital timer switch in your transformer for a maintenance-free system that turns your lights on at dusk and off at a predetermined time. We typically specify & install CAST-lighting for our low-voltage contracts as well as several additional lighting suppliers to match your budget and taste.

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outdoor lighting
Light up your patio, walkway, house, pool or just about anything to set the mood at night.