Hunterdon County Outdoor Lighting

Hunterdon County Outdoor Lighting

Backyards are wonderful places. Front yards too; there are just so many things and designs to do with them. Flamingos and benches and tents and patios and little water fountains if you’re feeling fancy. But what is the point of having these fine structures when you can only see them during the day? Not to mention the danger of thieves in the dark. You want to be able to enjoy the recreational spaces you set up during the night as well. So for some evening barbeque and swimming pool parties, invest in quality outdoor lighting. There are many different lighting setups to choose from to fit a variety of needs and circumstances. But when picking your exterior lighting, be sure to choose wisely. Professional consultation can always help in that decision. Hunterdon County Outdoor Lighting can be there to help you pick the best lighting for your property’s situation.

Hunterdon County Outdoor Lighting

Flood lights | Hunterdon County Outdoor Lighting

One popular type of backyard lighting are flood lights. Flood lights are fixtures put at a high point that show off a wide space of your property. They are popular for illuminating large public venues, like stadiums, and parking lots. They are a good security measure, casting light on the expanse of your property. Install them somewhere high, or in the eaves of your house. They can be powered by motion detection for power saving, and extra protection capacities. Run several power tests as you set it up, to ensure you install it appropriately.

Landscape lighting types | Hunterdon County Outdoor Lighting

There are various types of landscape lightings. Sconces and lanterns are traditional styles for domestic settings. They’re good for lighting up a garden or patio or other quaint purposes. For more intense purposes, such as security for public property, there are bigger lights. These include spotlights, LEDs, globes, etc. Like flood lights, they can cover a very wide space. They can also keep your property secure, as well as serve for aesthetic purposes. They are also very pleasant to attach to columns to line the property. When doing this design, be sure to bury the cables into a suitable trench.

Factors to consider in your design | Hunterdon County Outdoor Lighting

When designing the setup of your outdoor lighting, consider all factors of your property carefully. If you are lighting up your garden, think about all the aspects you want to highlight. The trees, the fixtures, ponds, etc. Make intentional use of light and shadows, as these can help add more flair to your property. More flair than it has by day, even. Function is also important, of course. Things like stairs to decks or patios are important to be lit. Play around for what looks best on your property.

Consider carefully between types of lighting setups. Up-lighting helps illuminate tall objects like trees. Spotlights are good fixtures to use for this. Silhouetting is great for dramatic purposes, for objects that aren’t very dramatic by day. Shadowing is the opposite, keeping the object unlit for dramatic purposes. Moonlighting does not actually use moonlight. Instead, the look is achieved by installing a light source like a spotlight in a high point. Choose a high point like a tree, so that the light shines down like moonlight. If you want your lighting to protect against intruders, pick a lighting situation that will showcase it the most. Keeping your property safe is essential. There are many different setups, so you’re sure to find what you need. It is important to take careful consideration to the configuration of your lighting design. Professionals like Hunterdon County Outdoor Lighting can help you set up your lighting.

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