Hunterdon County Pergolas

Hunterdon County Pergolas

Hunterdon County Pergolas. Thinking of having a pergola added to your backyard? Homeowners have realized the benefits of relaxing and entertaining in their backyards and continue thinking of more enhancements they can add to their outdoor space. Landscape improvements help to create a personality for your home spreading warmth and hospitality. If you are thinking of adding more enhancements to your landscape, think of adding pergolas to your outdoor space.

Hunterdon County Pergolas

Hunterdon County Pergolas | Living Space

If you have a deck or patio in your backyard living space, there is so much more that you can add. If you have fallen in love with your outdoor living space but it is not as useful as you would like during those hot summer afternoons when the sun is shining strong, and you wish you had more protection from the weather, a pergola may be what you need. A pergola lengthens your living space outdoors and helps to increase the time you can spend outdoors. Pergolas can provide enough light shade to make even the warmest afternoon enjoyable and have enough protection.

Hunterdon County Pergolas | Cedarwood and Wood

Your local landscape professional can help you design a pergola to fit your backyard design. He will help you choose the right materials for your pergola. There are many different materials to choose from. There is cedarwood, which is a popular choice for pergolas. It is an insect repellant and looks beautiful in your outdoor living space. A cedarwood pergola has a longer serviceable lifespan. You can also choose treated wood. This is often the least expensive type of pergola. The treated wood can crack over time and looks best if painted or stained.

Hunterdon County Pergolas | Fiberglass and Vinyl

A pergola made out of fiberglass requires little maintenance. These can be the most expensive option, but they do have numerous benefits. Fiberglass is the strongest material and it can be painted in any color you desire. They are also a perfect addition to your deck or patio. Fiberglass is light weight and they do not require deep footers as other materials do. Vinyl pergola is another option. These are not to be painted, but you can choose from a limited selection of color to match the décor in your living space. Vinyl pergolas require the least amount of maintenance, so they are easy to take care of.

Hunterdon County Pergolas | Great for Entertainment

A pergola is an entertainer’s dream once it begins providing beauty and function in their outdoor living space. In a pergola you can add chandeliers and ceiling fans, small speakers and strings of light for entertainment. You can use your imagination for all the decoration options. The purpose of pergolas is to extend your outdoor living space. They offer all types of designs to fit your budget and style. Creating your own personal outdoor oasis that gives you and your guests tranquility, adding a pergola will enhance your outdoor living space.

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