Mercer County Landscape Design

Mercer County Landscape Design

If it is your dream to turn outdoor living space into perfect backyard oasis, let us make your dream come true. From patios and pools to gazebos and gardens, our landscape design professionals do it all, and do it well. With impeccable attention to detail, and a passion for landscape design, we can complete your dream project from concept to culmination. In the comfort of our cutting edge design studios, our qualified design team can make your dream become reality. We believe good planning is essential to any project, but it is especially important so we can make sure you are satisfied with all the details. A design consultation ensures that you can envision the results from the beginning. We keep you informed at every step so the end result is exactly how you imagined it. To bring your vision to fruition, contact a Mercer County landscape design specialist today.

Mercer County Landscape Design

Mercer County Landscape Design | Luxurious Outdoor Living

We do not believe that living well has to confine itself to the indoors. The outside of your property can be merely an extension of living space, if constructed to advantage. There is no reason the entire property cannot be of use year round. It should be a place to welcome guests, and compliment your home. You should enjoy comfort and elegance indoors and out. With the expertise of a landscape design consultant, your outdoor space can match your indoor space for utility, beauty and luxury. We combine practicality and style to grace any of your outdoor parties or functions.

Mercer County Landscape Design | Hardscapes

Hardscapes, such as patios, decorative stone walls, and durable pathways, are as functional as they are beautiful. Use these features to create patios for dining and entertaining, and low decorative walls to separate flower beds and flowering trees. Take advantage of hardscapes to define living areas, pools and water features, and to establish practical walkways. Dividing the areas means several functional spaces. Why create one backyard oasis when you can create several with specific styles and uses? You can make each space to your taste and design, and treat them as you would if you were newly decorating a room.

Mercer County Landscape Design | Illumination

The proper outdoor lighting can give any space an extra touch of elegance. Lighting can also mean enjoying your beautiful outdoor space longer as the fall fades into winter. Enjoy your new backyard space long after the summer evenings begin to shorten. The correct lighting can be truly functional while adding ambience and accents. Light up the patio for extended enjoyment. Use lighting to accent flower beds, and flowering trees. Well placed lighting can highlight the best features of your landscaping, while adding security and safety to your home. Professionally installed outdoor lighting showcases your custom landscape and your home.

Transitioning the backyard space you dream of into your dream outdoor living space, is a team effort. From concept designers to skilled landscapers, we make sure you are an informed part of that team. Together, we can create an outdoor space to fulfill your design needs and wants, while creating practical spaces you can enjoy every day.
From outdoor dining and entertaining, to simply relaxing with a book, outdoor living does not mean you have to forego style. Al fresco dining can still mean luxury, comfort and a pleasant place to welcome guests. To create your dream backyard, contact a Mercer County landscape design team and make the most of your outdoor space. We look forward to hearing from you and delivering the best experience possible for you and your family.

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