Somerset County Outdoor Kitchens

Somerset County Outdoor Kitchens

With the warmer weather comes the opportunity to kick back, relax and make new family memories. And food. Lots and lots of food. Whenever you gather friends and family together, food is just a part of the equation. Whether a simple barbeque or buffet style meal, or a more elegant sit down affair, food brings people together. In the warmer weather, that usually means backyard affairs. If you are going to be entertaining a lot this spring and summer, consider adding to your food preparation space. Most of the party is going to be outside, so don’t feel you have to stay confined to a kitchen. Why stay away from the fun when there is a solution. Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular, and the style choices are ever increasing. For more information on components and design and style choices, contact a Somerset County outdoor kitchens specialist today.

Somerset County Outdoor Kitchens

Somerset County Outdoor Kitchens | Just Add Water

When designing an outdoor kitchen, cooking equipment is not your only consideration. Adding an outdoor sink allows for lots of food preparation space, and somewhere to collect washables. It also provides a place for fruit and vegetable washing and preparation, and of course, somewhere convenient for hand washing. Since your sink will need plumbing in, why not consider a dishwasher, too. Washing dishes reduces the amount of after party trash, and running an outdoor dishwasher saves carrying dirty plates through the house. Running an outdoor dishwasher is convenient, and often uses less water and takes less time than hand washing.

Somerset County Outdoor Kitchens | Pizza, Anyone?

One of the most popular foods at parties and gatherings has to be pizza. With your own built in pizza oven, you can impress your guests with fresh, hot, homemade pizza.
The best part of choosing to add a pizza oven is that there are so many design choices. When you custom design your outdoor kitchen space, you also get to customize the extras, such as pizza ovens. They can be wood burning, to add a more rustic atmosphere, complete with authentic aromas that come from wood fueled ovens. You could choose gas, however, for convenience and quick clean up.

Somerset County Outdoor Kitchens | Design Styles

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to make outdoor dining easier and more fun. They can also be a beautiful addition to your backyard. You can custom design an outdoor kitchen with just as much detail to aesthetics as you would an indoor one. From layout and choice of appliances to choice of materials, the design possibilities are endless. Your outdoor kitchen should be an extension of your home and reflect your design choices and taste. You can go with a more rustic look with lots of understated wood finishes, or sleek and modern with colored tile and polished stone.

Whatever your design taste, a professional outdoor living designer is sure to have just what you want in an outdoor kitchen. Choose from many oven styles to suit your needs. They can recommend sink designs that fit your needs, and refrigeration and cooking areas to complete your outdoor space. When you custom design an outdoor kitchen, you are designing ease and elegance in one space. Don’t feel you have to spend your next gathering isolated from your guests. An outdoor kitchen means you have everything you need at your fingertips. No more running into the house for what you need. No more carrying dishes and food. Get everything prepared ahead of time, and enjoy being part of the fun and conversation. Consult a Somerset County outdoor kitchens specialist to start the design process for your new entertaining space.

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