Somerset County Pool Builder

Somerset County Pool Builder

Summer is here, and with it, high temperatures. But there’s a fun way to beat the heat, and you don’t even have to leave home to do it. Installing a backyard pool is a great way to escape the heat and humidity of summer. Inground pools guarantee fun, family times all summer long. Pool sides also offer a beautiful place to gather friends, and host parties. Even those who choose not to dip in will enjoy the atmosphere and beauty of a built-in pool. And, of course, your kids will never get bored during summer vacation with a backyard pool. A backyard pool is the best place to teach kids to swim, and they have a place to get some energy out all summer vacation. Don’t overlook the health and exercise benefits for you, too. Contact a Somerset County pool builder to see how your family can enjoy staying cool.

Somerset County Pool Builder

Somerset County Pool Builder | Inground Pools

An inground pool adds a stunning eye catching feature to your property. Because they are permanent structures, you have much more flexibility of design than with an above ground pool. You can choose the shape, size and materials, which you just could not do with an above ground counterpart. Inground pools also add much more value to your property. It becomes a part of the landscaping, and therefore an integral part of the whole property. It’s easy to add beauty and hardscaping around them. Inground pools are also a wise investment, as, with proper care, they have a longer lifespan than above ground ones.

Somerset County Pool Builder | Saline Pools

As well as size, design and hardscaping to surround them, you also have a choice in your pool’s maintenance. A lot of homeowners are now choosing saline over chlorine to keep their pools in good condition. Because saline is basically salt water, it’s a much more natural and healthier alternative to strictly chlorine. Saline pools do use chlorine to kill the germs, but you don’t have to keep replenishing it. The salt in the water breaks down, keeping chlorine levels steady. When used as part of your pool’s regular maintenance, a testing kit ensures chlorine levels are steady and doing the job.

Somerset County Pool Builder | Custom Features

A bonus to designing your own inground pool to your taste and style, is choosing the features to enhance it. Water features such as waterfalls, curtains and even fountains are all beautiful focal additions to your pool. You can choose to add water slides and tunnels to make getting in more fun. Add underwater and outdoor lights for stunning effects during late-night swims. For a total relaxation experience, Jacuzzis and spas really finish your pool area. Also, don’t overlook the hardscaping and structural finishes. From patios and eating areas to cabanas and gazebos, you can create an all-inclusive luxurious entertaining space.

Having a backyard pool means a place to cool off all summer long, and a place to keep the kids busy. Exercise is important all year long, even during summer vacation, and swimming is a healthy pursuit for children and adults. Swimming pools are a great place to exercise as they offer low resistance training. Or you can simply float and unwind after a long, hot day. Custom inground pools let you add the designs and features you want. Place the pool next to a dining area on a patio and create the perfect hosting space. Lights and water features make the pool an even more stunning focal point. To create your perfect at home getaway, consult with a Somerset County pool builder before summer is over.

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