Somerset County Timberframe

Somerset County Timberframe

Outdoor entertaining has always been popular and enjoyable. Designing luxury outdoor spaces to host outdoor parties is a huge growing trend. With more hardscape and decorative choices than ever, it is easy to customize your space to your taste. You can enjoy the fresh air and the company of friends and family in a beautiful, comfortable, purposefully designed outdoor space. If you like more natural beauty, and the look and texture of wood, consider adding timberframe structures to your yard. These structures keep a natural feel, especially if your yard has trees, while adding style and functionality. Structures like pergolas, pagodas and arbors all add elegance without taking away the natural beauty of your landscape. Covering your outdoor kitchen with a permanent structure will add protection from the elements. To find out how timberframes can enhance your outdoor spaces with natural beauty, consult a Somerset County timberframe design specialist today.

Somerset County Timberframe

Somerset County Timberframe | Pergolas

Whatever your design choice and requirements, there is a timberframe structure to suit every taste. So, what is the difference in these structures? Basically, the main difference is in the roof, or lack thereof. Traditionally, pergolas have latticed cross beams, but no strict roofing. Some people do close them in with decorative curtaining, but mostly they are open. Pergolas are still stunning additions to backyards, and the beams create beautiful cooling shadows. They create a more natural setting to enjoy the outdoors in style. You can make a comfortable, cozy place to relax with friends and family without feeling hemmed in by a roof.

Somerset County Timberframe | Gazebos

Gazebos are enclosed structures, making them ideal for an outdoor kitchen or fireplace or fire pit. The natural wood makes a beautiful complement to stone patios, and stone hardscapes. When you add in stone and wood components of an outdoor kitchen, you have a stunning and practical focal point for your yard. The beauty of timberframe gazebos is the unlimited design choices. You can choose walls on all sides, some sides, or none at all, contributing to an open feel. You can choose the shape, the size, and the uses for gazebos are just as limitless. Make a quiet area to entertain, read, work out or simply hang out.

Somerset County Timberframe | Poolside Cabanas

Timberframe structures don’t have to be all practicality, with no fun elements. If you have a pool, you might consider adding a poolside cabana. You have closer access to cold drinks, and a shady area to drink them and serve from. But the best part of a poolside cabana has to be the holiday feeling you enjoy all summer long. Depending on the size, a cabana can provide a shady area to get out of the sun, and lounge away a restful summer afternoon. Versatile in size and function, a poolside cabana can be anything you want it to be.

If you’re looking to add entertaining space to your backyard, timberframe structures can answer all your design requirements. Timberframe structures can be free standing, or you can attach them to your home for extended living space. If your home already features a lot of wood, from floors to beamed ceilings, timberframes continue the theme seamlessly. Timberframes come in many forms, all of them practical and beautiful. Gazebos offer covered areas to cook, dine and entertain. Because they typically have roofs, they offer protection from the elements for your guests and your furnishings. Pergolas have cross beam roofs, allowing natural sunlight, and a true feeling of outdoor entertaining, while providing shade for seating. For more information on how timberframes can transform your property, consult with a Somerset County Timberframe design company.

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