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Ready to build a custom swimming pool in the Central NJ area? Count on Greenview Designs LLC for high end pools, spas, and expert pool landscaping design and renovations. Before pool installation begins, our knowledgeable pool designers provide complete, in-home pool estimates. Along with measuring/surveying your backyard, they will cover factors such as pool shapes, sizes, and depths, pool equipment, design features and options, pool decks, landscaping, and construction materials. Then they will develop and review a custom pool plan with you.

A Pool is Only as Nice as its Surroundings

For years, Greenview Designs has incorporated gorgeous plants, trees, and shrubs into their in ground pool landscaping design – along with other features, such as decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens – resulting in satisfied customers who hate to leave their backyards at the end of the night. Below, we will look at some of the landscapes you can surround your pool with so that you have your own perfect little paradise!

Central NJ Pool Contractor | Add Landscape to Your Pool

Plants can contribute to the look and feel of the space you are going for. They add color and texture and can draw the eye up or down based on the height of what is planted. Here is some information you should consider when selecting plants to complete landscaping around your pool.

Potted plants are perfect for around a pool. You can plant many different things, such as annual or perennial flowers. Potted plants help add color without you having to dedicate a lot of space, making them ideal for crowded areas. In addition to the plants adding interest, the pots you use can also add interest and complement your chosen theme for the area. Blue pots match a Mediterranean theme, clay pots fit in with a Mexican beach theme, and rectangular, metal pots can set the tone for a modern theme.

If you have space to dedicate to planting shrubs, bushes, flowers, or other plants, a planter may be ideal. Using a planter helps to contain the dirt and soil so these items do not end up in your pool during periods of heavy rain or if you over-water the plants. A planter also raises the plants upward, drawing the eye up. This creates multiple levels of interest in your yard, rather than a single, ground-level interest level.

If you have empty space around your pool, grass is always a great way to fill in the area. It adds a rich, green texture to the outdoor space, helping to break up your concrete patio surroundings. Grass is also versatile and can be used by kids who are playing or people who want to lie out and tan.

Swimming Pool Contractor in Central NJ | Add Some Nice Privacy

As you landscape around your pool, you want to keep privacy in mind. You likely do not want your neighbors to be able to sit on their patio and watch you and your family swim or lounge around the pool. Here are two in ground pool landscaping elements that can help increase the privacy around your pool.

When you are landscaping around a pool, you may want to consider two different kinds of fences. Perimeter fences, often used to define a person's space and keep dogs in a yard, can be used to keep prying eyes out of your yard. The other type of fence is a pool safety fence. This helps to keep kids and pets out of the pool when the gate is closed. There are standard types of fencing, such as wood perimeter fencing and ornamental fencing that adds a decorative touch. Ornamental fencing can be pricier, but it also can enhance the look and feel of your space.

The second way you can get privacy around your pool is through the use of plants. High shrubs and tall trees can be planted outside pool safety fences to keep people from looking through the slats or spaces these types of fences typically have. They also can be planted around the perimeter of a perimeter fence. Not only does this help to increase your privacy, but it may also help shade your outdoor space, keeping it cooler during the hot summer months.

Pool Contractor Outdoor Lighting Design

Lighting should always be used around a pool. Not only does it increase the safety of the space, but it helps enhance the beauty of your pool. When it comes to landscaping lighting, you have many options. Here are a couple of the different options you can use around your pool.

There is a wide variety of solar-powered garden lights that you can use to enhance the look of your outdoor space. Flood lights shine a lot of light down on the area specified. Up lights point upward at an angle to emphasis a tree, plant, fountain, or other element in your yard. Solar lights can be installed in concrete stairs around your pool, ensuring no one trips. And you can use solar-powered stake lights to define your patio space and walkway or just add a decorative touch.

Another option for adding light around the pool area is to use tiki torches. Tiki torches create a tropical and themed look. However, you will have to maintain the torch, and the pool area is only lit when you light the torches, rather than all the time with solar-powered garden lights.

Central NJ Pool Contractor | Plants, Boulders, Stones, and Pebbles

If you are looking for a natural or desert-like look to your pool, you may consider landscaping around the pool with stones, pebbles, or boulders. Here is some information you should know if this is something you are considering.

When you are landscaping around your pool, you may consider using rocks, stones, pebbles, or boulders. It is highly recommended that you avoid using any small stones or pebbles. These items can end up in the pool, causing major problems to your pool filtration and vacuuming system. If you do decide to use stones or pebbles, place them in an area far from the pool and ensure they stay there.

Boulders or large rock formations can be used to add design and texture to the atmosphere of the pool. Some people use real boulders and stone to create formations such as rock waterfalls or rocks that someone can dive from. If you love this idea, then go all the way with it. Landscape your entire pool area in this theme to ensure it is cohesive. Randomly throwing in a few boulders at the end of the project may seem incomplete or may not fit in with the rest of the space. This is one theme you need to be all in on.

Swimming Pool Contractor in Central NJ | Landscape Lighting Design | Patio and Coping Options

The last element that can tie your in ground pool landscaping together and complete the look is the patio and coping options. Coping refers to the materials that are used to cap off the top of the pool shelf or wall. Here is what you need to know as you select your patio and coping options.

Concrete is the material that is most often used for patio and coping. This is because concrete is affordable and versatile. There are many techniques that are now used to transform a plain, grey concrete slab into something unique and interesting. Stamping concrete can give it a paver-like look. Coloring concrete can change its color. Etching concrete can make it look like a high-end natural stone. Learn the various techniques that can be done to alter the appearance of concrete and see if any of them fit in with the look, feel, and aesthetic that you are going for with your pool area.

The other material that is commonly used for pool patios is pavers. When pavers are used, pavers or tiles may be used for coping around the pool. The benefit to pavers is that you can create interesting patterns by laying the bricks, pavers, or flagstone in various directions. However, pavers have to be laid by hand, which can get expensive. If you are looking for a classic, high-end pool design, pavers may be the way to go for you.

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