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Central NJ Landscape designer and Central NJ Landscape architect Greenview Designs LLCChoosing the right Central NJ landscape designer or landscape architect for your property is the most essential component of a successful landscaping project. The designer you choose will determine whether your vision will become a reality or flop flat on its face. There are many factors to consider before deciding on a contractor. As you shop around for the perfect match, make sure to keep an eye out for somebody who carefully listens to your aesthetic preferences and vision while simultaneously offering expert advice on how to avoid landscape pitfalls that most homeowners would never even think of.

Some of these issues may include site grading, location of windows and doors on your home, proximity to neighboring properties, and various other technical elements that must be considered during a well thought out landscape design.

At Greenview Designs, LLC, our work prioritizes season long color in your garden with the use of flowering trees and shrubs, annuals and perennials. Dressings for your landscape beds include the use of colored and triple ground mulches, several choices of decorative landscape stone in several sizes and colors as well as large boulders placed in strategic and eye catching places. Maintenance-free beds that include weed proof woven fabrics and steel & aluminum bed edging products. We work with our customers to provide them with a final product that goes above and beyond what they had been envisioning.


Finding the Perfect Central Jersey Landscape Designer in Mercer County, Somerset County or Hunterdon County

If you live in the central NJ area, you know how important a great landscape design can be for your property. The exterior of your home provides your family with a place to entertain, play, and relax. There are hundreds of choices of landscaping companies. A simple google search will turn up a multitude of contractors claiming to offer professional services. One might assume that if a website claims to offer they offer the services you want, and seem to be genuinely interested in your project that it would be a good fit.

In reality, experience, training and creativity can drastically vary! You must be able to identify and weed out the average from the landscape design expert.

Whether your potential landscape company is designing a small improvement or a major project, it’s important to know if you are choosing a landscaper in Central NJ that is capable of thinking about your entire property and future needs, even if the budget doesn’t permit to indulge them at the moment.

Central Jersey Landscape Designer vs Central Jersey Landscape Architect

When looking to begin a new project, many homeowners are curious as to the difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer. Both have the ability to design simple projects, but as you continue your search, it is very important to understand the defining differences between the two. The most notable difference is the amount of training and ongoing requirements there remains for each.

First, lets take a look at a typical landscape designer. To become a landscape designer, you are required to hold two-year associate’s or four-year bachelor’s degree. No licensing is required to be a landscape designer, and they can either work on their own, or under a landscape company without any ongoing, mandatory certification requirements.

A  Registered Landscape Architect, (RLA) on the other hand, must have at least a five-year degree and must work under another landscape architect for at least two years before taking a difficult, three-day test administered by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Board (CLARB). The RLA also must keep their credentials through continuing education each year.

Landscaping in Central NJ | Smarter Landscaping Services

A successful plant health care program starts with comprehensive knowledge of your plants and the problems they may encounter. Abiotic factors such as plant selection, site drainage, soil conditions, proper planting and pruning practices, and even the physical condition of your plants root systems must first be inspected prior to the start of any program. Many are surprised to realize that poor plant health typically stems from one of these problems. When external environmental factors put stress on trees and shrubs, they quickly become prone to biotic factors such as insect and mite infestation, and bacterial and fungal infection. While there are a wide variety of effective treatments and services that we can utilize to help relieve stresses present on mature trees, it is important that monitoring begins when the plants are young. This allows us to address problems with your plants before they sustain too much damage and are unable to recover with or without our help. We design each program based solely on the needs of your plants and only treat for insect and disease issues if they are present at the time of each visit.

Central NJ Landscape Designer | Turn the Concept into Reality

Time to turn vision into reality! At Greenview Designs, LLC, our registered landscape architect has been serving central New Jersey & eastern Pennsylvania since 1987. Greenview Designs has extensive experience including everything from modest patios and walkways, to jaw-dropping backyard resorts.  Let us put our extensive design knowledge of hardscapes and landscapes to work for you. Now is where all the fun begins. We take all the planing, drawing and details and start to build everything. Contact us today! You can call us now at 609-466-3080 or email us at dave@greenviewdesigns.com. Greenview Designs, LLC  provides Mercer County landscape architect services in towns including Hopewell, Pennington, Princeton, West Windsor, and Titusville. We also provide Hunterdon County landscape architect services and Somerset County landscape architect services in towns including Ringoes, Flemington, East Amwell, West Amwell, Lambertville, Basking Ridge, Bedminster, Bernardsville, Far Hills, and Peapack-Gladstone. If you would like to view our entire service area, visit our homepage:

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