Somerset County Outdoor Bar

Somerset County Outdoor Bar

Somerset County Outdoor Bars. Searching for the best design company to design your outdoor bar oasis? Greenview Designs is the place to hire for outdoor bars. As the weather turns warmer, outdoor entertaining is the best thing. Outdoor living spaces is an extension of your home. Many homeowners add awesome outdoor kitchens to their homes and they even step up a notch and include a luxurious bar. Typically, a bar is incorporated into the outdoor kitchen. There are endless gadgets when adding a bar to your outdoor living space.

Somerset County Outdoor Bars


Somerset County Outdoor Bars | Refrigerator


When adding a refrigerator to your outdoor living space you cut down on the amount of time going back and forth inside the home. You can have all your grilling essentials and drinks right outside and kept cold for entertaining. Instead of using ice bins, it is beneficial having all your drinks cold in the refrigerator. Your refrigerator can have an ice bin inside or on the side for easy access to grab ice for your drinks. Your guests can just grab a drink from the fridge, relax and socialize. Some refrigerators can have glass doors. You can have a wine refrigerator installed since it requires a more accurate temperature control for wine and a separate refrigerator for all the other things needed.


Somerset County Outdoor Bars | Sink


When making drinks and washing glasses having a sink installed as part of your outdoor bar is surprisingly helpful. A sink requires a water line and a drain line. A professional designer will help you design the proper sink for your outdoor bar oasis. If you are going through and installing an outdoor bar with a sink, a few drawers to store utensils and miscellaneous things is great idea.


Somerset County Outdoor Bars | Beverage Center


There are a few prefabricated, gorgeous stainless-steel beverage centers that can be added to your outdoor bar. These centers have towel racks, shelving, bottle trays, which can make your outdoor living space inviting and easy access to ice and chilled drinks.


Somerset County Outdoor Bars | Built-In Bottle-Opener


This could be the finest gadget in all your outdoor living spaces. This simple gadget will help with opening bottles outside during your gathering. You simply have one attached to your outdoor bar and let your guests open up the bottles themselves. They will love it and so will you.


Somerset County Outdoor Bars | Blender Station


Everyone loves a good cocktail in those warm summer months. Your guests will be stunned when they see your new blender station. You can have one built into the outdoor countertop for a quick margarita.


Somerset County Outdoor Bars | Lighting


Adding lighting to your outdoor bar is another gadget that can elevate the look of a bar after the sun goes down. Under the counter lighting is a way to faintly light up a space. You can even reuse wine bottles with fiber optics for decorating the entire area.


Somerset County Outdoor Bars | Recycling


Having a designated area in your outdoor living space for trash and recycle items is beneficial. You can take the guesswork out by labeling the different areas as trash and recycling. Very simple!


Searching for the best Somerset County Outdoor Bars? Greenview Designs is the company that can help you design your dream outdoor bar paradise. What better way to add to your already luxurious outdoor living than adding an exotic outdoor bar to entertain family and friends. At Greenview Designs we pride ourselves on timely communication and top notch customer service. You can come and visit our state of the art design studio to view the countless work of art we have designed for all our customers. We work closely with you throughout the project from design to completion to guarantee your every need is met. Give us a call today! We would love to design your dream outdoor living space.

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